Artist Sylvi Aambø

Artist and graphic artist Sylvi Aambø, Volda, Norway. Sylvi Aambøs pictures offers a rich universe of shapes, in part designed as a graphic, partly in papircollage, pastel and painting. In the pictorial language is humor, cheerful thoughts and imaginative nourishment for both the mind and the sense of beauty. This is what images is for. The individual distinctiveness that characterizes the pictures make them into something stronger than trendy pictures. Immersion in the personal symbolism, which ever is mythological and the clarity of the pictorial expression, makes her special pictorial universe open and accessible. Each image contains a story narrative and an indentation, but not an obvious answer to life's eternal mystery. Aesthetic pleasure is a part of the Visual presentation, both the artist and consider taking part in it.

Excerpt of the criticism of the Torbjørg Deinbolt

Vita Sylvi Aambø
  • I try not to have to strong meanings about every image I produce. I am trying to convey the message that we all need to put more love and care into take better care of our world. It is up to the individual to interpret their own sense of this message in my works and productions.

    Sylvi Aambø